Meet Katie Bouman: MIT’s PhD Holder Made History With First Ever Black Hole Image

Meet Katie Bouman: MIT’s PhD Holder Made History With First Ever Black Hole Image

We sometimes consider black holes as space anomaly. They are both scary and fascinating at the same time. Black holes are spread all around the space. They have a very intense gravitational pull which is why no matter, light or radiation can escape them. It is very commonly said that we know more about the space than we know about the depths of the oceans. Well, black holes are something that still baffle scientists to this day. Scientists are intrigued by the properties of black holes. For years scientists and researchers have tried to study black holes and with each research, scientists have come to know more and more about them.

Breakthrough Image of a Black Hole

A few months ago the first ever image of a black hole released to the public.  It took the internet by storm. The only thing people were talking about was the simple yet glaring image of the black hole. The image shows an orange ring that the massive amount of energy of the black hole causes. Scientists believe that the black hole whose image has been captured by scientists is almost 53 million light years away from our planet. We also believe that this black hole is one of the biggest black holes in the galaxy. It is several billion times more massive and powerful than our sun.

Dr. Katie Bouman

The image might seem very simple to people who aren’t enough knowledgeable about astronomical projects but this was the result of a very big and important project. More than 200 scientists and experts from all over the world took part in this project. Katie Bouman, a PhD. holder from MIT was one of the most prominent faces on the project. She was a PhD student when she became part of the project a few years ago.

Katie Bouman’s is an expert in the field of electrical engineering and computer sciences. Her expertise was crucial in devising the algorithm that was responsible for integrating different radio telescopes located in eight different locations all over the world. The network of these radio telescopes known as Event Horizon Telescope. Katie Bouman and her fellow researchers and scientists worked tirelessly for years to get this one image of the black hole.  Getting the image is a big feat in itself; We should note that this image has opened a lot of doors for further scientific research on black holes.

A Historic Algorithm

Katie Bouman’s algorithm has cemented her name in the history books. This first-ever image of a black hole is going to play a huge role in all the future studies on the subject.  Whenever someone is going to perform a study on black holes or Katie Bouman and her team will always be mentioned. Even though Katie Bouman’s expertise and algorithm helped a lot with the photo, she wants the world to know that it wasn’t just a one-woman show. The photo was only possible by the efficient teamwork of more than 200 people who spent hundreds of hours on the project.

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