Meet Karen Dolva and her Robots: A Norwegian Entrepreneur Reconnecting Socially Isolated People Back to the World

Meet Karen Dolva and her Robots: A Norwegian Entrepreneur Reconnecting Socially Isolated People Back to the World

If any of your friends is a conspiracy theorist then you might have heard him say things like “Robots are going to take over the world” and “Robots with Artificial intelligence will turn humans into slaves”. Well, judging by the recent advancement in science and technology, you can tell your friend, that he is half right. Robots have taken over the world but it has been for the better. They haven’t turned us into slaves instead they have helped us to live a better life.

There are many major tech companies in the world that deal in the manufacturing of robots but none of them was able to hit a home run as Karen Dolva from No Isolation did. No Isolation is a small startup company that was founded in Oslo in 2015 by three young entrepreneurs named Karen Dolva, Matias Doyle and Marius Aabel. Karen Dolva and her friends did not design this robot because they wanted to win a tech competition or they wanted to show the world how they can use robots to help themselves around the house. They came up with an idea for unique robots that could help sick students and senior citizens feel more involved with the rest of the world.

Karen Dolva Robots Helping UK Teen Through Illness

Social isolation is a big problem in the modern world. The world may have become more globalized but the amount of people suffering from social isolation has also increased. A UK teen by the name of Zoe Johnson has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last four years. She hasn’t been able to attend school for the same amount of time. Instead, she was being homeschooled during that period. Her education didn’t suffer due to her disease but her friendships did. As she couldn’t meet her friends every day or go out with them on a regular basis she lost a lot of her friendships. The same is the case with a lot of elderly people who feel alone when their spouses die and their kids get too busy in their life. Karen Dolva felt that someone needed to cure these people of their social isolation which is why she and her friends came up with products like AV1 (For Sick Kids) and Komp (For The Elderly).

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No Isolation’s Robots

With the help of an AV1 robot, Zoe Johnson hasn’t just been able to attend school again but she has also been able to reconnect with her old class fellows and old friends. One of the best things about these robots is that they have been specifically designed to cater to sick children and the elderly. Relevant studies on the subject showed that these people wanted technology to help them but they did not want to be seen. This is why robots from No Isolation have a lot of different features but they don’t facilitate two way videos. AV1 can be used to see and speak to other people. It can also change and flicker its lights if it wants to get attention.  On the other hand, older people can use KOMP to connect with their families. It is a very simple robot which can receive photos and video messages sent to the elderly by their younger relatives.

There is no doubt in the fact that these robots are very effective but one of the most significant issues that they face is the issue of connectively. Let’s take the example of Zoe Johnson. She uses an AV1 to attend classes at her school. Now If the connection breaks she would miss some part of her lecture. She might even miss the most important part. Karen Dolva knows about these issues which is why she and her company are planning to update their technology. No Isolation is planning to prioritize audio in their updated technology so that in case of any connectivity issues both sides can still be able to hear each other.

For those children suffering such chronic illnesses, No Isolation and Karen’s robots seem to be making a great impact in their lives.

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