Tips for a Freelancing career and owning a Software Agency

Tips for a Freelancing career and owning a Software Agency

During his Instagram takeover, software engineer Jakob Owsky introduced us to his career and the ups and downs of owning a software agency. Find out all about Jakob’s journey into the tech world and read some of his top tips for those interested in freelancing or software development:

Please can you introduce yourself and your career to the CodePeople Community? 

Hi, I’m Jakob!  I created my own software agency, Self-Made, with my co-founder, just over a month ago. I can tell you how we actually struggled to get new clients, what our tactics were, and so on. So, we are both programmers, and we have come from an engineering background. 

Jakob coding

Do you work remotely for your job? 

Yes, I do! At home, I have a standing desk. It comprises the LG 34 inches and a MacBook Pro (16 inches). I like to stand  whilst I work, and that’s how I operate on a daily basis. I also have a second work space that I usually use to create my YouTube videos.

Can you tell us more about your Software Agency?

My co-founder and I have been working as developers in respective companies. After a while, it came to a point where we just weren’t enjoying it anymore. We really wanted to do something more and we didn’t just want to code.

So, we decided to quit our jobs and team up. We both had previous clients as contacts, and we teamed up to create our own agency. 


Do you have any tips for getting clients whilst freelancing?

I have to be honest, I thought doing business would be easier. It can be really hard to get clients, especially in the beginning. When we started, we approached our network, our friends, family, and so on. We asked everywhere, and we only got a few clients. 

So for now, we have created the software agency profile on UpWork and we send three or four high-quality proposals on there, in order to get our clients. It’s worked really well so far for us!



What do you find most challenging about a freelancing career?

In my opinion, it’s the responsibility that you have to deliver a project. In my case, I love it because once I make a commitment, I have to deliver.

So, yesterday, for example, I got a project with totally new technology about Amazon markets. I was clueless about this, so I spent the whole day reading about them. No one will pay me for this, the client will pay you for delivering the project. But this commitment to the project is necessary, and it’s how the industry is. If you love it, then this is for you!


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