What is Mentoring and Why Should You Start?

What is Mentoring and Why Should You Start?

Why should you start mentoring?

The concept of mentoring is the process of supporting and encouraging someone to maximise their potential. Mentors help mentees develop their skills and improve their personal or professional performance. 

The mentor is usually an experienced individual who shares their knowledge and advises a less experienced person in their chosen field: the mentee. Mentors support their mentees by offering suggestions and knowledge that will help improve their skill-set and advance their careers. 

Mentoring partnerships can be between many different types of people: two people within the same company or industry, for example. No matter the pairing, mentors and mentees should have a relationship based on trust and respect. This offers both personal and professional advantages. 

Benefits of Mentoring:

There are many benefits to become a mentor, all of which can enrich your skill-set:

Improve your leadership skills

Mentoring helps you develop your ability to motivate and encourage others. These skills can help you become a better manager and team worker.

Improve your communication skills

Taking the time to get to know your mentee and communicating effectively is essential, to navigate your way through a mentoring relationship.

Advance your career

Mentoring can improve your job performance, and may help you gain a promotion to a managerial role, as you can show that you’ve helped others learn and grow. 

Personal satisfaction

Becoming a mentor can be a personally fulfilling role, especially seeing your mentee succeed thanks to your direct input. 


Advantages to being a Mentee:

Having a trusted mentor can help you advance and progress in many areas of your life.

Gain valuable advice

Mentors offer valuable insight into job planning and career advice. They can guide you and help you decide on the best plan for your desired future.

Develop your skills

Mentors can help you identify skills you need, and also ones you could improve in order to find success. They may teach you exactly what you need to know, or tell you where to find the information you need. 

Improve your communication skills

Similarly to your mentor, you will also learn to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Garner new perspectives

Learn new ways of thinking and new experiences. Your mentor will also learn plenty of things from you – it’s a two way street!

Strengthen your network

Your mentor offers you the opportunity to expand your current network, and make new personal or professional contacts that will help you advance your career.

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